Houton - Photo by Rebecca MarrAn executive committee has been formed to develop the concept of ODIN and it is keen to hear from anyone who is interested in Orkney’s wartime heritage. 

If you would like to contact ODIN please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The executive committee comprises:

Anne Billing: Chairwoman. Background in management & administration and with a great interest in Orkney's past, particularly its archaeology, and in using that past to strengthen Orkney's future. Treasurer of the Friends of St Ninian's, Deerness and volunteer at Orkney Archive & in Archaeology Dept, Orkney College.

Lynn Campbell: Treasurer. Steeped in the heritage and history of Orkney, with an administrative background. Secretary of Orkney Heritage Society, and active on the committees of Holm Heritage Group, Orkney Singers and Orkney Tourist Guides Association.

Ken Hambly: Retired GP with an interest in wartime history. One time writer of medical books and journalist in the medical and lay press - now involved in tourism.

Gavin J Lindsay: Fieldwork Co-ordinator. Archaeologist specialising in conflict and battlefield studies with a particular interest in WWII. Has recently carried out research into the 1939-1940 German bombing campaign on Orkney and separately on the operation of the Coast defences of Scapa Flow. Keen to get members of the public trained and actively involved in archaeology identifying, surveying and recording wartime sites in Orkney.

Andy Hollinrake: An archaeologist working for ORCA (Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology), has a particular interest in wartime heritage.

Tommy Matches: A trustee of Birsay Heritage and St Magnus Church Birsay Trust and has always had an interest in history. His background is in construction and he is particularly interested in wartime buildings.


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Get in touch with ODIN at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.​ 

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