Orkney Library & Archive - Highlighting selected collections Files: 5

Highlighting collections held at Orkney Library and Archive. We are very grateful to Lucy Gibbon, Assistant Archivist, for providing the material for this feature. Lucy will be selecting items of interest with a war-time connection. This is just a taste of the wealth of material held at the archive and recommend you visit the archives to see the original documents and more.

Artefacts Files: 2

Artefacts - provided courtesy of the custodial staff of the Scapa Flow Visitor Centre & Museum operated by Orkney Museums & Heritage.  As the museum has a wealth of fascinating artefacts and exhibits, we at ODIN decided that this was an excellent place to begin. However, we do hope that over time, ODIN members may wish to share their own artefacts and stories though this feature.

Click here to see the artefacts

Articles of General Interest Files: 1

General articles written about the experiences of folk based in Orkney, and about the memories they left behind.

Information about ODIN Files: 1

General information about ODIN downloadable as PDF documents.

ODIN Newsletters Files: 1

We've only published one so far, but we hope to see many more! 

Download your copy from here.

Personal Diaries or Log Sheets Files: 1

The many men and women who served their time in Orkney, either in Scapa Flow itself or one of the isles, often kept diaries and logs of their time spent here.  Read some of their entries here.

Shapinsay Files: 2

Lots of places in Orkney have interesting wartime remains.  Here's some information on Shapinsay's wartime past.

Summer Factsheet, 2010 Files: 1

We've put together some interesting places to visit, books to read, walks to undertake, exhibitions to see and people to contact, and all on two sides of A4! 

Please let us know if there is anything you'd like to see in a future ODIN Factsheet.

You are invited to... Files: 0

We hope to start running various events throughout Orkney.  Here's where we'll post the invitations.

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