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The Orkney Defence Interest Network (ODIN) welcomes you!

About us:  The idea of an Orkney-based group active in preserving, recording and promoting Orkney’s defence heritage came from Julie Gibson, Orkney’s County Archaeologist, and at a well-attended public meeting in March 2009 the Orkney Defence Interest Network came into being.

ODIN is concerned that Orkney’s defence heritage is in the heads of an ageing group of folk, not fully appreciated, nor understood, so that sites are being destroyed by development etc without real regard to their heritage value, both local and national, being destroyed by coastal erosion and climate attack and under threat because the importance of wartime memorabilia and memories isn’t always fully appreciated.

Orkney’s defence heritage attracts many visitors to Orkney and that heritage needs to be well preserved, presented and made accessible physically and interpretatively. It is of national significance and has the power to draw increasing numbers of visitors to Orkney.

ODIN seeks to bring together individuals and organisations who are interested in Orkney’s defence heritage.  You can find our first newsletter, which details our aims and objectives in the Articles section of this website.


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